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About Kate

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My Mission:

I have been a dog and animal lover since I can remember.  My life mission is to make the world a better place to be a dog.  As a trainer I see so many dogs that suffer with anxiety and develop unwanted behaviors due to their day-to-day lives not aligning with their mental needs.  

Some common training practices, such as treat training and walking on harnesses; combined the overall lack of leadership and lack of mental outlets for the dog often cultivate an unhealthy relationship between owner and dog.  My goal is to bring the knowledge to owners that will help them create a better life for their dog by addressing their dog's needs for leadership, mental outlets (mental exercise), and a home environment that cultivates a healthy mental and emotional state for their dog.

My Experience & Philosophy:

Over the past six years I have been developing my unique training system that addresses creating a home environment and day-to-day life that cultivates a healthy relationship between dog and owner.  My training system will work to shape your dog's behavior and mental stability to become the best version of themselves.  While working in a high volume training kennel I saw countless dogs go successfully go through the training program only to return home and have a majority of the behavioral issues return within the span of a few months.  The home environment, relationship with their owners, and day-to-day experiences are what shape a dog's behavior and create their mental and emotional state.  To address the root of any behavior issue, these afore-mentioned points all must be addressed and altered.

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